Grues Included

A video game-loving anon, through rusery and trickery, gets invited to a miraculously unsupervised sleepover that’s just him and five of his female friends. As expected, they torment him mercilessly. Also as expected, what starts as his ill-fated attempts to seduce every single woman at once, ends in pain, suffering, and overwhelming lewds.

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Update #2


Update #2

Storybro and Raven sneak across the house for an intimate shower. But the way forward is treacherous.

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Written by an anonymous writer that readers dubbed Storybro. Voice performances directed by Levi Kerns and Jared Jensen. Editing, mixing, and postproduction by Levi Kerns, Editor-in-Chief Wolfgang, and Parker.


Cast of Characters

Jared Jensen: Narrator

Levi Kerns: Storybro

Emily Patterson: Raven

Matt Armstrong: Out-Of-Character Storybro



Filetype: MP3 - Size: 58.2MB - Duration: 41:07 m (192 kbps 44100 Hz)